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Finding the right product to suit your promotional program is vital. With so many brands out there it is important to design a strong and coherent range of items to make your Beer Brand stand out.   
Through our overseas procurement division, The ODM Group bring you unlimited product choices and the most creative production techniques.  Most importantly, we are able to group the manufacturing capabillities of multiple factories and make sure each product will fit the same corporate branding requirements - pantone colour, safety standard, design specs, quality standards etc...
With offices in the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, our staff can provides complete end-to-end solutions to your promotional needs. Our network of fully inspected factory partners in China have experience on all the major product categories and materials. 
BeerPromos can fulfill any promotional need your company may have from brewing ideas, to manufacturing, inventory control and fulfillment., provides more information on how ODM develops and commercializes new products.  
We are currently recruiting new inventors through Mindsparkz to launch the next beer invention and can arrange Ideation and Brainstorming sessions for our clients to come up with the next big idea..
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